REA & Claims

Claiming costs when deficiencies result from changes in condition and minimize profit.

Claims and request for equitable adjustments (REA) are a necessary part in managing change and minimizing a contractor to profit. Change in conditions, scope creep and poorly defined scope can lead to added cost and time that, as a contractor, you should not be held liable.

Case in Point

Within the past three years, Prime Universal Group has captured more than $1.2 billion via the REA process and $400 million via a change order process. Change is a constant element in construction projects, and we’re experts at managing those changes on a constant and continual basis.

Answer This

Government Entities

Do the change orders accurately capture the changes within the project?

Civilian Businesses

Are you tracking and capturing all changes to your project?

If you answered NO, this is costing you daily!

We can put measures in place to ensure your project is profitable.

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