Project management

Controlling all pillars of a project, from time, cost and quality while maximizing profit.

Project Management is the ability to effectively control all pillars of a project while maximizing profit. Whether you are managing a construction, service or O&M project; effective Project Management skills are vital. Tracking change, cost, schedule, submittal's and close out will fulfill client expectations and ensure project budgets.

construction management

Prime Universal Group team has more than 50 years’ combined experience in construction management and can act as an owner representatives on your project. This service will alleviate the issues and trials of managing a project from solicitations, subcontracts, submittals, to quality control and close out.

Case in Point

Complected a state-of-the-art science lab on a truncated schedule to meet the CHISD school start date.

Answer This

Do you assign an owner’s representative or CMR to every job?

If you answered NO, this is costing you daily!

We can put measures in place to ensure your project is profitable.

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